Investor, Business Strategist, Real Estate Developer


Jay Dhahan hones his business acumen in his career through ensuring he utilizes a hands on approach to understand what talent needs to be secured to executive the companies objectives and profit margins and share.
Jay has human insight that comes from his early years as a real estate executive.

Jay delivers lasting results through the practice of:

1. Maximizing executive leadership potential.

2. Building superior team performance.

3. Creating organizational initiatives that transform companies.

Dhahan has a wide-ranging executive coaching and consulting approach.

The experience and value Jay shares has allowed for a recognized authority in Executive Coaching, Leadership, Development, Talent Management, and Organizational Transformation.

His unique experience that combines his years as a senior executive, running corporate leadership/talent departments, and an earlier career in entrepreneurial outlook.

Jay Dhahan understands how to help individuals reach their full potential and how to guide organizations.

Presenting a core business acumen, as well as a deep knowledge of the interpersonal skills leaders need to run companies successfully, and thrive.

Jay Dhahan prides others to perform at their best, and truly understand their personal value through example and leadership

Through proper organization and management, all clients and prospects support and show confidence in Jay’s businesses, and his personal expertise. The following coaching techniques are held at the highest expectations, to ensure outstanding directorial and incorporation standard.

Jay Dhahan

Areas I can help you

Business Coaching

Real Estate Consulting

Wellness Therapy

High potentials in managerial or professional/technical career tracks.
Allowing executives to take on more senior roles with broader scale and complexity.

Exercising leadership teams at all levels.
Designs and facilitates strategy and team off-sites.
Coaching teams over multi-year periods.
Adaptation to changing business development sectors.

Jay helps individuals grow while developing more effective dynamics for the whole team.

Dhahan creates award winning leadership and talent programs for many executives.

Jay transforms businesses by helping leaders align strategy, leadership, culture, organizational design, and performance management.

By demonstrating what has been created, and constantly re-evaluating new ways to present scalable leadership, development, and talent programs; there is no limit on success.

He is an expert in complex global mergers, acquisitions, culture change and motivation through example.

Jay’s 2019 goal is to create synergies between the business communities across Alberta.

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