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Every course we offer has been carefully crafted with you in mind. All topics specifically chosen enabling you to learn faster and build your knowledge at an accelerated rate.

Expert Instructors

Jay is an outstanding trainer and teacher. Through videos, quizzes and group sessions you will elevate your life skills indefinitely.

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Several resources are provided, such as guides, videos, and tutorials, that aim to prepare you for your dream life.

Our Why.

In an ever-changing society, traditional education no longer provides the adequate knowledge and mindset to succeed.  NextGen recognized this deficiency, thus our Academy was born. 
Our comprehensive and accessible platform offers unparalleled learning opportunities in essential communication, business strategies, and financial literacy.


according to your own needs and desires, abiding by your own schedule.


the secrets millionaires use to attain success.


and grow from the moment you join utilizing skills learned immediately.


BREAK FREE from the irrelevant and outdated education used for years.


Learn how you can instill trust, inspire loyalty, and lead effectively. The Power of Communication provides the right knowledge to empower, persuade, and earn the confidence of others. This course covers the difference between verbal and non-verbal communication, the significance of connections, and how your communication alone can take you directly to the life you want to live.



Our Instructor:

Meet Jay Dhahan

CEO, Business & Personal Developmental Coach

Jay Dhahan is a seasoned communications professional and successful business entrepreneur who has worked alongside communication experts such as Richard Dolan, and Eliot Hoppe to provide individuals with transformational life plans.

From his personal experience as an entrepreneur and development coach, he came to realize how inaccessible most crucial life knowledge has become.  Understanding there needs to be a bridge to accessible education and skills, he created the NextGen Academy.
His goal: to make fundamental courses on life topics accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Sustainable guides for life long change. Demolishing roadblocks, establishing career clarity, and aiding in personal development.


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